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Why Choose Interactive Security?

Choosing A Memphis Alarm Company

Choosing an alarm company to protect your busines, family, or home in Memphis, TN. can be a challenging task. If you search the yellow pages or visit the web you will find there are quite a few to choose from.  We have put together a few things you should consider before making this all too important decision.

First, Start your search by first ensuring any home alarm company or commercial alarm company to be considered has the appropriate State License. Don’t make any assumptions. There are a number of national companies that operate in our area (Memphis TN and North Mississippi) without the proper licensing.  This includes a separate and individual license for the representative you will be meeting with and the technician installing the alarm system itself. Do not except a “company” issued photo ID. Every alarm company and employee of an alarm company operating in the state of  TN or MS is required by law to be licensed in that state and required to have that license on their person when discussing or installing security alarm systems. Make it appoint to advise any alarm company that you are considering that each person from their organization will be required to show the appropriate state issued license when coming to your home or business. 

When choosing an alarm company or system do not consider price until after you are done doing your homework. If price is your initial focus its easy to fall for misleading advertising or a bait and switch tactic. Some companies offer free or near free systems and then pressure you into paying more once they get into your home or they simply try to convince you that a cheap or incomplete system is all that you need.

Be aware of hame alarm companies who use “authorized dealer” networks. You will quickly find that there basis for doing business with you is dependant on your credit score. These companies typically offer free or near free pricing for inadequate alarm systems which provide little to no security to get you to sign a lengthy monitoring service contract. They then sell that contract at a multiple factor dependant on your credit history. Once you as a customer are “sold off” your concern should be if that installing company will follow up with any service. Once your contract passes the buying companies 90 day “hold back” period the installing company really has no responsibility to you any longer.  You can avoid being sold as a commodity by simply refusing to allow these companies to search your credit history. If you advise them of this prior to an appointment with them they most likely will refuse you as a customer.

Consider asking each Memphis based alarm company if you can visit with them in THEIR office. If they refuse or do not have an office, that is a good indication that they are not a professional security company and have no local office or staff.

Check each company’s website.  Does it contain enough information about the company itself ? Does it provide you with assurance that they are a real security company and posses the experience that you require to make you feel comfortable. Or -  is their website simply a sales portal.

Once you have narrowed your search and have decided to meet with a specific company in your own home, here are a few more things to be consider:

Start by asking the representative sent to your home about their specific background. How long have they been in the home alarm or home security industry. Have them to describe the security training they have received in the past 12 months.

Pay attention to how closely that representative looks at your home. Did they access your attic, did they walk around outside.  Did he or she ask the appropriate questions such as home occupancy schedules, about pets, or access by service or cleaning personnel.

Make it a point to ask EXACTLY how the home alarm system will be installed and how the wiring will be concealed. If they can not explain in detail you could end up with a substandard installation. Ask technological questions about the system they install. If they defer these types of questions to the technician who installs the system, the representative may not be competent enough to recommend the appropriate equipment or ensure its proper application.

Challenge the recommendations made or the lack of recommendations made by each representative. Have them explain in detail why they did or did not make a specific recommendation.

Pay attention to the particular proposal they have provided. Is it a custom made proposal for you with a detailed drawing of your home describing the specific proposed system or is it simply a brochure with a price sheet attached.

Inquire about follow up service. Ask if you will call a local office or if you will be forwarded to a national or international call center. Most national companies and their authorized dealers, forward service issues to call centers and not a local service office.

Choose a company that is the right size to respond to your needs, to include handling emergencies. You do not want to be just a number. The security company should be active and familiar with local law enforcement, and the local or Metro Alarm Board. They should be able to explain the alarm permit process and provide the proper forms and instructions as to obtaining the appropriate permit. Some companies will do this for you to ensure no interruptions in service. Without the proper permits and documentation  -  emergency responders may refuse to respond.

Also, does their proposal or offer expire? If so, this is probably a gimmick to cause you to make a rushed decision. Don’t be pressured into making such a critical decision because of a sales pitch gimmick.

Finally, consider the reputation of the Memphis home alarm company. Some burglars are well aware that certain home alarm companies through their own marketing efforts only install alarm systems that protect the doors of a home. Burglars only have to look at the sign in the yard and know they have undetected access to these homes via unprotected windows. With unprotected windows you are relying on an interior motion detector to detect an intruder who is already in your home. Most often the motion detector is not even active due to the home being occupied.

Unfortunately some alarm companies efforts are to keep their costs down and their profits up, by trying to convince you that only protecting the doors to your home – is enough.

By following these common sense guidelines, your search for a professional security alarm company should result in you selecting the right company to protect your home or business.Home alarm company Memphis


No Telephone Line?
Interactive Uplink – Keeping Your Home or Business Connected and Protected.


To protect what matters most, homes and businesses across the country are asking for Interactive Uplink - the dedicated alarm communication solution that stays alert around the clock, whether a phone line is connected or not.

Interactive Uplink provides a secure and reliable wireless connection to your selected monitoring service regardless of whether or not you have phone service. For backup protection when your phone line goes down, or as a first line of defense for places where you have no phone at all - a warehouse, boathouse, barn or garage - Uplink is the constant connection dedicated to protecting your home or business.

And if you've moved to wireless or broadband for your primary phone service, you'll have peace of mind knowing that Interactive Uplink provides a continuous connection to the help you need when you need it most.

To add a dedicated layer of protection to your home or business security system, call us today ask for Interactive Uplink! (901) 385-5473

Alarm Licenses
TN License C-0566
MS License 15006669
Contractor Licenses
Shelby County  #E-0726
Bartlett   #4273
Millington  #M726

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