Key Fobs

"Offering the Ultimate in Convenience and Control"

Our Interactive Alarm System Key Fobs allow you to arm and disarm your Interactive Security Alarm System at the touch of a button inalarm system key fob either the "stay" or "away" modes.

The Fobs can also be given to a friend, family member, or house sitter on a temporary or permanent basis allowing them access to your home and control over the alarm system with the added protection of an emergency panic button right at their finger tips.

If installed when the home is under construction, the Fobs can also be used to open and close the garage door and are equiped with a panic button that can call for help within seconds of an emergency.

A status light can be installed in a location in the garage visible to you while in your vehicle. This attractive plate allows you to check the status of your alarm system at a glance as you exit or enter the garage. With the keyfob you can arm or disarm the system from your car.


Alarm Licenses
TN License C-0566
MS License 15006669
Contractor Licenses
Shelby County  #E-0726
Bartlett   #4273
Millington  #M726

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