Our Security System

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Selecting a security system may be one of the most important decisions you ever make. The system may be called upon at any time to help protect your home and family. Rest assured that when you choose an Interactive Security Alarm System you'll be getting the highest quality, most advanced system available.

We offer a state of the art added feature security system that is much more than a burglar alarm. Ours is a reliable easy to use system that will offer you peace of mind for years to come.

Complete protection of all first floor doors and windows is standard with the integration of fire protection as an option.

Our System Includes:

  • Security alarm point contacts on all functioning first floor doors and windows

  • One keypad installed at the garage door entrance/exit

  • One motion detector installed in a common-high traffic area

  • One interior siren installed

  • Alarm control panel is equipped with telephone line monitoring capability

  • System is equipped with a battery back up for continued protection during power loss

  • An RJ31X Telephone line interface is installed

We stand behind your new security system with equipment and installation warranties and local office support that ensures you reliable service. We are uniquely suited to offer you the most comprehensive products and services in the industry. When you want to make your home a safe place to live, you should turn to us. You can feel confident that your home and family will be well protected.


Alarm Licenses
TN License C-0566
MS License 15006669
Contractor Licenses
Shelby County  #E-0726
Bartlett   #4273
Millington  #M726

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