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Interactive Uplink – Keeping Your Home or Business Connected and Protected.alarm system cellular transmitter

To protect what matters most, homes and businesses across the mid-south are asking for Interactive Uplink – the dedicated alarm communication solution that stays alert around the clock, whether a phone line is connected or not.

Interactive Uplink provides a secure and reliable wireless connection to your selected monitoring service regardless of whether or not you have phone service. For backup protection when your phone line goes down, or as a first line of defense for places where you have no phone at all – a warehouse, boathouse, barn or garage – Uplink is the constant connection dedicated to protecting your home or business.

And if you’ve moved to wireless or broadband for your primary phone service, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that Uplink provides a continuous connection to the help you need when you need it most.

To add a dedicated layer of protection to your home or business security system, call us today ask for Interactive Uplink.

Alarm Licenses
TN License C-0566
MS License 15006669
Contractor Licenses
Shelby County  #E-0726
Bartlett   #4273
Millington  #M726

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